This resource will feature weekly Sunday Reflections based on the readings from Sacred Scripture written by Ted Wolgamot, Psy.D. The readings are found in those cycles common to the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church, and most mainstream Protestant churches. It will also include a blog written by a guest, articles of interest in the spiritual world, and books that have been found to be of special import.


Why We Won’t Talk About God

Every week after publishing these blogs I post a brief summary of the blog’s contents and its accompanying image on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and email the same to ...


Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Mk. 7:6 I’m a hypocrite. The meaning of that word comes from what the ancient Greeks ...


Finding Your True Self

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of science, even though I write these blogs about finding God. I see no contradiction between science and religion, believing that the contradictions that are commonly ...


Does God Have a Plan for Our Lives?

I’ve often thought about how we humans wind up where we are, in the physical as well as social and economic senses. First, how is the family into which you ...


Dear Universe: Thanks but No Thanks

I remember years ago hearing about the “Gaia hypothesis” and thinking that it was interesting, if not plausible. In case you are unfamiliar with it, the Gaia hypothesis, to paraphrase ...


Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Bread. In today’s America, bread is often served at meals, but it is usually seen as a “starter” or a “side.” In fact, many people who are watching their diets ...