This resource will focus on the most recent advances in the field of addiction, with special attention also given to the latest changes being made in the treatment of one of our society’s most trenchant and challenging problems.


NYTimes: How Doctors Helped Drive the Addiction Crisis

An article in the New York Times by Richard A. Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry and director of psychopharmocolgy at the Well Cornell Medical College discusses the “addiction crisis” ...


The Impact of Pornography on Children

The American College of Pediatrics has come out with a position statement on pornography being harmful to children. It has many good references for further study. Here is that article: ...


National Addiction Recovery Month

National Addiction Recovery month is an annual observance held every September. Its purpose is to educate Americans about the treatment of all forms of addiction, along with the mental health ...


Stephanie Carnes – Adolescents and web porn: a new era of sexuality

According to Stephanie Carnes, PhD, CSAT-S, the full text on this article on teen porn use is not available yet, but the abstract’s findings are stunning. for example, it states, ...


Addiction and the Brain (Part 2)

ADDICTION AND THE BRAIN Part Two – Dual Diagnostic Issues Addiction has a very high recidivism rate. There are many reasons for it: a. the very nature of the disease ...


Addiction and the Brain (Part 1)

          ADDICTION AND THE BRAIN Part One Addiction: a word meaning ENSLAVEMENT An addiction refers to a love relationship in which a person becomes so bonded to an object of desire ...