“Do Not Be Afraid … You Are My Dearest Friends”*

Toxic Fear is perhaps life’s greatest hostage-taker. One psychiatrist calls it a “disease of the imagination.” Fear and disabling Worry can start off like a tiny seed and, watered by thoughts that emphasize worst-case scenarios, grow into a virus-like fiend that ends up dominating our mental state. It then holds us back from our ability to enjoy nearly every dimension of our life: our talents, our work, our love, our play, and our approach to a life in the Spirit.

This website is dedicated to three major Defense Systems that can be effective in helping us overcome the insidious nature of fear, as well as other mental health demons like depression. It will also focus on how we can better live out our lives free of those persistent foragers that roam throughout the corners of our minds… relentlessly haunting us.

Those three Defense Systems are: Spirituality, Psychology and Addiction. All three of these provide newly developed means of delving into the root causes of fear and depression and other mental health disorders, and assisting people in finding improved pathways to freedom, joy, and peace.

“Do not be afraid” – a phrase found 365 times in Sacred Scripture!

*Luke 12:32; translation found in The Bible in Contemporary Language, Eugene H. Peterson

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Jun 06, 2021

“… he took bread, said the blessing, broke it, gave it to them, and said, ‘Take it; this is my body … this is my blood.” Mk. 14: 22&24...

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Losing Our Memory and Roots?

Jun 03, 2021

While looking for something on YouTube recently, I ran across a video of comedian George Carlin from, probably, 20 years ago. Carlin, who died in 2008 could be crude,...

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Pentecost Sunday

May 28, 2021

“On the evening of the first day of the week, when the doors were locked …” Jn. 20:19 Pentecost is the feast of locked doors – doors suddenly blown...

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Friendship is Next to Godliness

May 27, 2021

I recently had a three-day visit from my long-time best friend, Gerald Waris. A retired priest from Kansas City, Gerald and I have been friends since he and his...

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Those Who Don’t Dance

May 20, 2021

Israel recently held a national day of mourning for 45 men and boys killed in a stampede at a packed Jewish festival. The deadly crush at Mount Meron in...

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Feast of the Ascension of the Lord

May 17, 2021

“Men of Galilee, why are you standing there looking at the sky?” (Acts of the Apostles, 1:10) Jesus has left this world. His physical presence has “ascended.” He has...